10 Most Hilarious Tweets On Shikhar Dhawan’s ‘Out Of The Box’ Sunglasses


“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” is an extremely famous English proverb that has so far been applicable in the context of IPL 2020. People have been heavily engrossed in the actions of the cricketers on the field and that has not given them the time to be laughing heartily about something.

Delhi Capitals opener, Shikhar Dhawan created that rippling opportunity for the fans last night, not just to laugh but also to gossip about something. The crux of this discussion was his quirky glasses that caught everyone’s attention.

He wore a pair of stylish sunglasses that looked like an alien gift from some other planets with a splash of bright colours strapped onto them. Despite those glasses, he still managed to misfield once and the rest was well dealt with. He did a good job with the bat, providing ample support to Prithvi Shaw, chronicling 35 runs from 27 deliveries that saw him smashing three boundaries and one over-boundary. He was finally removed when Chawla bowled an absolute screamer to catch his leg before the wickets, stranded in an awkward position.

Twitter was relieved to find something to be chatty about in a night of some serious cricketing business that was conducted by Delhi. Here are the top ten tweets on Dhawan’s stylish sunglasses.









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