3 Fastest Indian Batsmen To Reach 1000 Runs In T20Is

T-20 cricket is one of the most demanding versions of the game which drives a cricketer to their edge and pushes them constantly to evolve along with the growing game. Despite being labelled as a batting-friendly format, there is nothing friendly when the batsmen take the field.

The pacers keep on hurling those tracer bullets at your body, the spinners come out weaving the rarest of magic with those menacing turners while the medium pacers are the most potent options to create the platforms for a landslide. Being a batsman, you have to navigate your way through the mazes in the wariest ways, what feels like walking on an eggshell.

At times the bowlers give you free meat only to lure you out to commit those errors and it is you who will have to resist the most irresistible loaf thrown at your feet. After all, it is not at all easy being a batsman even in a format which has been solely designed to allow that leeway to the blade-swingers. We will look at three Indian cricketers to reach the fastest 1000 T20 international runs, a mark of premium excellence which also has the undertones of all the aforementioned qualities.


  1. Virat Kohli – 27 innings

Kohli has been one of the finest batsmen across all the formats of the sport and his exquisite array of shots makes him one of the best across the globe. However, there is one criticism that the Indian skipper has always faced and that is of sticking to the textbook. Pundits claim that the Indian run-machine very rarely thinks out of the box. However, executing every shot to perfection is an art itself.

The Captain took only 27 innings to reach this hallowed landmark of 1000 T20 international runs that is still the fastest by an Indian. From those exotic cover drives to glances down the leg, Kohli can be an absolute killer when he decides to shimmy down the pitch to take out the bowlers.


  1. KL Rahul – 29 innings

Lokesh Rahul has lived his life in international colours in every possible way he can. From being suspended for just giving out verbal nods to clobber the best of bowlers, he is one of India’s finest in the recent days.

The coveted 1000-run mark came for the opener in just 29 innings which saw him hammering his way to the top. The best part about Rahul is his aggression that allows him to take on any bowlers irrespective of the stage of the innings.


  1. Rohit Sharma – 40 innings

The Hitman took a bit longer than his colleagues to kiss the magical figures as it came from 40 innings. However, that doesn’t detract anything from his greatness. There is not a better puller of the ball in the Indian side than him.

To make things even better, he turns himself into a monster with his statistics amplified in the shortest format of the game. More importantly, when he is going for the aerial glory, you will just have 11 additional spectators on the ground.


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