3 Longest Sixes In IPL: Two Indian Legends In The List

longest sixes in IPL

IPL cricket is about the big hits. It doesn’t matter how much of class you have got as a batting unit, if your batsmen don’t have the ability to hit the longest sixes in IPL on a consistent basis, you will struggle as a team in the longer run.

We have had plenty of big hitters from all around the world on show in the IPL over the years who have hit some of the longest sixes in the history of the tournament and today we will talk about three of them.

Here are the 3 players who have hit the longest sixes in IPL

#1 Chris Gayle (119 m):

Nobody would be surprised to see Chris Gayle’s name in this list. The Caribbean left-hander has hit more sixes than anyone else in the IPL and most of those sixes have gone a fair distance. However, the longest of them all was the one Gayle hit in IPL 2014.

Gayle, who is now a part of Kings XI Punjab set-up, used to be an RCB player in those days and in one of the games of IPL 2014, he hit a six which covered a distance of 119 meters.  It was such a massive blow that the ball almost went out of the stadium.

#2 MS Dhoni (112 m)

India has got quite a few players who can clear the fence with ease, but probably no Indian player at any stage has hit the ball as long and as far as MS Dhoni. The former Indian captain hardly ever hits a small six. He often deposits the ball way back into the stands.

Dhoni hit his longest ever six in IPL 2012. It was a time when Dhoni was probably playing the best cricket of his career and was smacking the bowlers left, right and centre. One of the sixes that came off Dhoni’s willow in IPL 2012 went a distance of 112 meters.

#3 Rohit Sharma (91 m)

Rohit Sharma is not someone who is a power hitter like Gayle and Dhoni. He is a fluent six hitter, but he hits most of his sixes because of his timing and not because of his power. And, since he doesn’t generally impart a lot of power onto the ball, he doesn’t often hit huge sixes. A lot of his sixes just clear the fence and don’t reach the second or the third tier.

However, in the last season of the IPL, Rohit hit a six which measured 91 meters. It might not have been as long as the above mentioned two sixes, it was still quite a huge hit and left the fans awestruck.

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