5 Facts That Prove MS Dhoni Is No. 1 Captain In The History Of IPL

5 Facts That Prove MS Dhoni Is No. 1 Captain In The History Of IPL

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is regarded as one of the most brilliant minds to have ever played the game. Under his leadership, he took the Indian cricket team to the number one position in the world. In IPL as well, his side Chennai Super Kings is one of the most successful teams, having won the title 3 times.

While there are a lot of traits that make MS Dhoni one of the best cricketers and skippers around the world, but here, in this article, we will discuss 5 facts that make MS Dhoni the number 1 skipper in IPL history. Have a look:

1. Most matches played as a skipper in IPL history:

MS Dhoni is the batsman with the most number of matches as a skipper in IPL history. He has led Chennai Super Kings in a total of 118 matches in the IPL, so far. Out of which, he has captained 104 matches for CSK. Also, he has captained 14 IPL matches for Pune Supergiants.

2. Only skipper to win 100 IPL games as a captain:

Winning the league isn’t that easy as the teams have to face a lot of difficulties, right from the auctions to finding the right balance for the team.

Despite all the hard work, many teams have failed as captains find it very difficult to bring the best from the players. However, there is this one captain who has been consistently great and he is MS Dhoni. He has been one of the most successful IPL skippers and holds a record for being the only skipper to win 100 IPL games.

3. Only captain to have played in most finals:

MS Dhoni is the only player with the experience of most final games in IPL history. So far, he has played nine of the 12 IPL finals. He has also led his team Chennai Super Kings to victory 3 times.

4. Only captain to have defended the IPL trophy:

MS Dhoni’s most of the success as a captain came for Chennai Super Kings. He has expertise in building his camaraderie with the players and the same was evident during the 2010’s edition of the league when they were at the bottom of the table during mid-season. Later in, he went on to defend the trophy. Till date, he is the only skipper to have won two IPL back-to-back.

5. Most dismissals in IPL history:

Besides being the legendary skipper and batsman, MS Dhoni is regarded as one of the finest wicket-keepers in the history of cricket. In IPL as well, he has kept wickets in 183 matches out of the 190 matches in IPL. He has made a total of 132 dismissals in those 183 matches. Narrowing it further, Dhoni has taken a total of 94 catches and 38 stumpings behind the wickets.

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