5 Indians With Most Number Of Sixes In The IPL

Indian Premier League is a free-flow podium for anyone wielding the bat to go for the maximum. We have seen bowlers racking up monstrous sixes in the last ball to take their team across the winning line while batsmen at times have gone absolutely berserk and have even dispatched the most perfect yorkers to the stands with zero mercy.

With the rise of this domestic extravaganza, we have also seen the evolution of Indian batsmen, who got into this mould and showcased absolute class to kiss the pinnacle of T-20 cricket. As cricket evolved and this league burgeoned itself into a full-blown blockbuster, the number of sixes also started increasing by leaps and bounds.

What eventually seemed to be the foreign players’ hands that used to take the bowlers to the cleaners, passed on to the Indian batsmen n a very short span of time. From being tactically accurate, the Indian batsmen blew out of proportions to eventually turn into monsters of the game. We will look at five Indians with the highest number of sixes in the Indian Premier League.


  1. MS Dhoni – 209 sixes

The former Indian skipper is a specialist at doing this and no one in the nation can be of equal to this hard-hitter unless he has snuffed out completely.

The Chennai skipper has managed to smash 209 sixes in his glittering career in the IPL. Coming out at number five or six, the calculation becomes a bit too simple for Mahi as his sole purpose turns into lifting Chennai to a titanic total, which he has done successfully, time and time again.


  1. Rohit Sharma – 194 sixes

The man closes to Dhoni in this feat is India’s top opener, Rohit Sharma. Known for his perfection in hooks and pulls, the Mumbai Indian skipper is fearless and takes on every single bowler that comes at him.

With 194 sixes, Sharma remains to be the second Indian in this list with a good deal of time still left in his career to overhaul Dhoni’s numbers and very easily climb to the ace.


  1. Suresh Raina – 194 sixes

Unfortunately, the numbers won’t increase this time as Suresh Raina has pulled himself out of the Indian Premier League, citing personal concerns. With a lot going on in the southpaw’s mind, especially after his retirement from the national team, fans were left begging for more.

The Chennai Super Kings cricketer has managed to smash 194 sixes and is also the second-highest run-scorer in the history of the tournament. He was also the first one to cross 5000-IPL runs.


  1. Virat Kohli – 190 sixes

The Indian skipper finds himself pretty lower down the order but the numbers suggest that all it needs for the Bangalore batting vanguard to turn the numbers in his favour is one good knock.

With 190 sixes, Kohli is in the fourth spot and will shortly attempt to get past the others in the imminent edition of the Indian domestic extravaganza. He is also the master of the highest number of runs in IPL.


  1. Yusuf Pathan – 158 sixes

A big name in the roster of Indian Premier League, Yusuf Pathan’s ruthless dominance over the bowlers have left them begging for mercy at the hands of this Baroda-born lad.

Though he failed to register himself a suitor for the upcoming IPL, he was one of the most lethal batting options of this tournament that has seen him taking the bowlers for a toss at will. Those 158 sixes that he has smacked is the underline of his heroics in the fray.

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