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5 Most Weird Awards Given To Cricketers Across The World

Cricket has had a long-lost history before its current incarnation of batting-friendly conditions which sees batsmen hammering their way out to chase mammoth totals with consummate ease.

From handful countries to almost a new nation playing the game being found out everyday, ICC has bren doing a massive job in making this game available to the entire world.

Now as the frays keep on spanning across the entire planet, cricketers and fans are encountering new trophies and awards every now and then. They aren’t exactly alien but it takes time for everyone to get acclimatized to something new, especially bizarre. We are going to look at six weirdest trophies and awards in the span of cricket.

1. Coca-cola Cup (1997-98)

A tri-series between India, Australia and New Zealand was played out in which India emerged as the victors. The trophy that was lifted by India was a gigantic bottle-cap design which was made keeping the sponsors in mind.

2. TUC Biscuit Cup (2018)

With the limited amount of cricket already being a concern between Australia and Pakistan, the T-20 series which these two nations engaged themselves in hogged the limelight for a bizarre reason.

The sponsors of the fray designed a biscuit shaped silverware which proved to be an absolute alien artifact and the snap where the trophy was held by Aaron Finch and Sarfaraza Ahmed won over the internet.

3. DLF Cup (2006)

DLF has etched themselves on the memories of Indians in a very resonant manner as they were the sponsors of IPL for quite a good deal of time.

However, in 2006, the picture where Inzamamul Haque were seen posing with the monumental trophy, send the world in awe. Quite a hefty trophy to pick.

4. A blender as a man of the match award in Dhaka Premier League

If you recall the tournaments that you used to play while being a kid, you would know the prizes coming up with them. A refrigerator, a washing-machine at times and a lot of glittering stuff. However, when it comes to the nations’ highest leagues, the prizes are always on a decent scale.

Dhaka Premier League somehow managed to forget its scintillating image and ended up gifting a blender to Luke Wright for his man-of-the-match performance in a game.

He tweeted, “Pleased we won my first match 4 Abahani today. Have 2 say I have never been given a blender 4 getting MOM before!”.

5. Morgan given a rice-cooker for another MOTM performance in Dhaka Premier League

With the demanding nature of franchise cricket doing the rounds, all across the globe, the awards are getting impressive every now and then.

To multiply the fun, Dhaka Premier League brings out the innovation in them by gifting a rice-cooker to Eoin Morgan. Fascinating stuff, isn’t it?

6. Jhye Richardson gets bat grip and shoe laces

Richardson played a match-defining knocm against India to seal a crucial victory for the hosts.

However, Cricket Australia came up with an utility gift as they handed over a shoe lace and a bat-grip to him as his award.

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