Angry Mayanti Langer Gave A Fitting Reply To Times Now

Mayanti Langer

Over the years, Mayanti Langer has become one of the most loved and leading commentators in India, with her sound knowledge of the game and her impeccable style of doing commentary. In fact, during IPL 2019, Mayanti Langer hosted almost every match and became one of the favorite faces during the tournament.

Recently, Mayanti Langer’s fans were left heartbroken after IPL’s official broadcaster Star Sports took to their social media and confirmed that Mayanti Langer won’t be a part of IPL 2020.

Soon after the tweet went viral, it became a hot topic as everyone started speculating about the matter. Even many popular news tabloids reported on the same. Among many, Times Now Sports also reported on the same as they announced new hosts for the season.

However, the news didn’t go down well with Mayanti Langer, who slammed Times Now Sports for speculating and not reaching out for a comment on the matter. She wrote:

Hi @timesnowsports we don’t get replaced we get opportunities. Perhaps there is a valid non scandalous, non controversial reason. Care to reach out for a comment rather than speculating?”

Here, check out the Tweet:

Later, Mayanti Langer took to her social media and cleared the air. Mayanti shared a long post on her social media, where she revealed the big reason behind her absence from the 2020 commentary panel. She shared a long post, where she revealed that she and her cricketer husband Stuart Binny have been blessed with a baby boy. She also shared a picture of her little munchkin. She wrote:

“So quite a few have reached out, and many are speculating. For the past five years, my family at Star Sports has given me the incredible privilege of fronting their most high profile events. In fact, they supported me when I needed them the most when I was pregnant with my son.”

She added:

“They made several adjustments to ensure that I was comfortable hosting till I was 20 weeks/5 months pregnant and would have continued going so had IPL 20 gone on as scheduled. Stuart and I were blessed by the birth of our baby boy almost six weeks ago. Life has changed for the better,”

Here, check out the Tweet:

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