6 Cricketers Who Will Earn More Than Their Captains In IPL 2020

IPL 2020: The biggest attraction for cricketers in the Indian Premier League is not the electrifying ambiance that comes with it, neither glam of the tournament that can also act as a springboard for young cricketers to be catapulted to their respective national teams nor the promise of the unadulterated love that comes along with it. What plays the bait for the biggest names of the cricketing world to be lured into this glittering domestic fray is the astronomical amount of money that changes hands.

As per vox populi, the captain of the team ideally earns the most in every single IPL team, considering the fact that they are the best of the bunch. However, breaking the bubble with a harsh truth, there are extraordinary payers who are better than the captain and quite expectedly earns more than their leader. We will look at six cricketers who are going to earn more than their captain in the imminent edition of the tournament.

Let’s Have A Look At 6 Cricketers Who Will Earn More Than Their Captains In IPL 2020: 

Rishabh Pant

The successor of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in India’s wicket-keeping echelons, Rishabh Pant has already vouched for his brilliance with his blazing display in Australia. His IPL showdown so far has been equally impressive and he is a big sought-after name in the glamorous domestic fray. Delhi Capitals will be shelling out a staggering Rs 15 crores as that is the amount that was quoted to retain the youngster. Vis-à-vis Delhi’s skipper, Shreyas Iyer, the amount is more than double as he earns only Rs 7 crores. He will be the most watched player in IPL 2020.

Ravichandran Ashwin

Being brought in to bolster their reinforcements after Punjab didn’t want any further part of the off-spinner, Ashwin commanded a price of Rs 7.60 crores in the IPL 2020 auction which is again more than their captain Shreyas Iyer, who is unfortunately stuck at Rs 7 crores.

Shimron Hetmeyer

Delhi Capitals had to make major inclusions to their squad in order to ensure that there is no slip up in the dying embers of the fray like the previous edition. In an attempt to onboard big names of the sport, they had to burn a wormhole inside their pocket. West Indian hard-hitter Shimron Hetmeyer, who left quite an impression when the Caribbeans toured India, bagged a contract for Rs 7.75 crores which is again more than the hapless Shreyas.

Andre Russell

Kolkata Knightriders finished in the fifth spot in the precursor edition of the tournament, missing the playoffs by a whisker. However, the situation would have been different if not for this West Indian muscle-man. It was Russell who glided KKR through ordeals that could have only turned into hellish nightmares if we took out his knock. He bagged a package of Rs 8.50 crores wherein skipper Dinesh Kartik only commands a price of Rs 7.40 crores.

Sunil Narine

The West Indian mystery spinner who has been one of KKR’s best players of all time and was their primary weapon in lifting the 2012 IPL trophy, has now evolved into a ruthless killer with both the bat and the ball in the hand. Narine commanded a figure of Rs 12.50 crores that were Rs 5.10 crores more than the KKR skipper.

Pat Cummins

KKR’s most expensive buy this season, Australian fast bowler, Pat Cummins has reunited with his former IPL franchise for a copious amount of Rs 15.50 crores. Dinesh Kartik can only dream of such figures. There is definitely hell and heaven contrast between the brand of cricket that these two bring along with them.

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