10 Best Tweets On Dale Steyn’s New Hairstyle For IPL 2020

Dale Steyn New Hairstyle: Last night marked the return of South African mean machine, Dale Steyn, dotingly known as the Steyn Gun. He didn’t really do a decent job with the ball in the hand as he went for 33 runs from his quota of 3.4 overs and he also dropped a crucial catch which was probably the easiest take of the night.

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Fans didn’t really love to see what Dale Steyn has been reduced to as he was one of the most ferocious fast bowlers in the canon of international cricket. Unfortunately, his career was plagued by relentless injuries and they took away his dream of being the best in the world. However, he still occasionally produces rippers which can hurl the batsmen by a good deal.

Twitter, however, was more fascinated by his new hairstyle while playing in IPL 2020 for Royal Challengers Bangalore and couldn’t really accept the new avatar of Steyn. So they exploded in a hilarious way. Here are the top ten tweets on Steyn’s hairdo.

The first tweet read, “Thinking to start a fundraising campaign for Dale Steyn’s haircut.”

Another comic tweet cited, “WTF, is Shia LeBeouf playing Dale Steyn now!”

Few couldn’t stop their laughs as they posted, “Steyn :New Hair Style “

Another tweet read, “Loving Dale Steyn’s new look!”

Another hilarious tweet read, “My FOK Steyn u look like a HILLBILLY boet FFS”

Another tweet read, “The Magical Steyn”

The tweets were simply relentless as another came, “Steyn needs a Haircut …”

Another funny tweet read, “ Steyn look awesome in long hair”

Another comic tweet cited, “Dale Steyn last night:”

The most embarrassing tweet came in the end as it said, “Why is dale steyn looking like johny sins with hairs?”

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