South Africa’s David Miller Loves This Quality Of MS Dhoni

Rajasthan Royals batsman David Miller said that he absolutely loves the way Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni plays his cricket. MS Dhoni’s calm demeanor and his composure under pressure is something that David Miller wants to learn from. He believes that even he radiates the same kind of energy that the former Indian skipper did.

“I absolutely love the way Dhoni goes about his business. Certainly his calmness – you just think he’s always under control. The way he portrays himself, that’s something he’s extremely good at and I do enjoy that about him. I try and give off the same energy,” David Miller told ‘ESPNcricinfo’.

MS Dhoni is one of the best finishers ever: David Miller

David Miller believes that MS Dhoni is one of the best finishers to ever play the game of cricket. This is because more often than not, Dhoni used to finish off games for India and CSK and used to stay at the crease till the end, ensuring that his team was over the line. Miller wanted to incorporate the same match-winning ability and calmness under pressure into his game. Though both of them are different technique-wise, just the way MS Dhoni bats has made Miller be in awe of him.

“…he’s got his strengths and weaknesses as a batsman and so do I. I tend to be in awe of some of his chases rather than ‘I want to bat like him’. I suppose I just want to finish games as he does. Technique-wise and the way you go about it, we all have our own ways. I don’t think I can rate myself or put myself in a category,” David Miller said.

“We’ll see how my career unfolds and finishes and then we can look back and sort of judge. Definitely, Dhoni is one of the best finishers ever; he’s proven it many times. I love watching him play,” he added.

Rajasthan Royals will open their IPL 2020 campaign against the Chennai Super Kings on 22nd September.

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