Harsha Bhogle Writes An Open Letter To His Angry Trolls On Social Media

Harsha Bhogle has shared a long post on his social media handles talking about his IPL broadcasting experience in the last couple of days.

According to Harsha Bhogle, Saturday’s game between KKR and SRH was the first game he worked on in IPL 2020 and he actually made a couple of mistakes during commentary on live TV, but not too many people noticed it or talked about it on social media.

A couple of people pointed it out to him, but that’s about it. Most of the people were actually saying nice things to him and welcomed him to the IPL broadcasting. But, he didn’t get the professional satisfaction himself, and even though he was not trolled on social media, he had a bit of a sleepless night because he knew he had made a couple of mistakes he shouldn’t have made as a broadcaster.

But, Sunday was the exact opposite. He called the RR Vs KXIP game on Sunday and he thought he did a great job as a broadcaster because he didn’t make any mistake. However, at the end of the day, he was trolled massively on social media and the reason why he was trolled was that he said Rahul Tewatia might lose Rajasthan Royals the game.

Rahul Tewatia actually won Rajasthan the game, but Harsha insists that he, at the time he made that call, was absolutely correct because Tewatia was actually struggling at that stage and was pushing Rajasthan towards defeat. That he won it at the end was a pleasant surprise for everyone, but that didn’t make his earlier call incorrect and that’s why despite the heavy trolling he faced on social media, he actually slept well.

Reaching a conclusion at the end of the note, Harsha said the mistake that is made on live TV mostly disappears after a while, but the mistake that is made on social media stays there, gets shared and people keep talking about it for a long time. So, social media is probably a more potent opinion maker than live TV.


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