Here Are The Best Twitter Reactions On Pat Cummins 4 Sixes Off Jasprit Bumrah

Pat Cummins: Kolkata Knight Riders slumped to their first defeat as Mumbai Indians pulled off an incredible performance on the night in every single department. Spanning from brilliant batting to some lovely bowling and a few delectable catches in the field, KKR seemed like a shadow of their former scintillating self.

To make matters worse for the men in Purple and Gold, their most expensive buy of the season, Pat Cummins was hammered mercilessly all around the park, inflicting painful figures on him that read 3-0-49-0.

Source: IPLT20.com

Fingers turned too quickly at the Australian fast bowler, with opinions deluging the stands. A few stated that he is only a good red-ball bowler while the others stated that he is too bad of a learner, deducing from his repetitive short balls that saw them being banged into the stands by Rohit Sharma.

However, he made a few amends with the bat, being the highest scorer of an otherwise star-studded batting line up. He took on the best bowler of the night until then, Jasprit Bumrah, and made a joke out of him with four massive sixes in a single over that left the Indian bowling spearhead reeling and also intensified the frown on his visage.

The first one flew over the square leg boundary as Cummins flicked it down the leg side. The second one was banged in the exact same direction as Cummins picked a shorter delivery this time. The third one came from the middle of the bat as he steered a full-toss into the stands over the mid-wicket. The last one of the lot was sent back straight over Bumrah’s head into the sight-screen.

Twitter exploded as Cummins did put a late explosion on the line to show that he will pull off something or the other, given his exorbitant bill. Here are the best tweets on Pat Cummins.

The first tweet was hilarious as it read, “Now we know why KKR paid 15.5 crores for Pat Cummins.”

Another tweet read, “Pat Cummins hitting 4 sixes when the team can’t win the match”

The third tweet read, “Jasprit Bumrah to Dinesh Karthik, Eoin Morgan, Nitish Rana and Andre Russell in his first 3 overs conceded just 5 runs and took 2 wickets. Pat Cummins smashed his for 4 sixes in his final over, cricket is a funny game.”

Another funny tweet read, “Mi fans: Noone can hit 4 sixes in bumrah’s over Cummins:”

The next tweet read, “Cummins hitting sixes instead of taking wickets..!!”

One of the funniest tweets read, “KKR to Pat Cummins:”

The next tweet in line cited, “Cummins conceded most runs in bowling and scored most runs in batting”

The next tweet read, “KKR coach Cummins ko Batting Karana OK? He is such a good batsman with SR of 300”

The final tweet read, “Pat Cummins right now:-“

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