Here’s How Pat Cummins Changed Things Around In The Second Match

In the last game, Pat Cummins was taken for a toss by Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya as the most expensive purchase of IPL 2020 was smashed for 48 runs from 3 overs.
He kept on bowling those short balls repeatedly despite Rohit Sharma taking them out all over the park. Hardik Pandya joined the party late and exploited his fleeting panache to punish the towering Australian spearhead.

Karthik made an important change in their second game while being put to bowl as he handed over the new ball to the red-ball specialist, Pat Cummins.
The results were instant as the Australian express bowler left Bairstow and Warner rattled with a few good length deliveries those were exclusively to their bodies and didn’t give them any room to free their arms.
The most impressive part of his first spell was that brilliant second over that he bowled to Bairstow. He kept the exact same line, pitching that ball in the good length area for five consecutive balls. To make it a bonus, he bowled all of them over 140 plus kays not really allowing Bairstow to put his bat down.
In the fifth ball of that second over, Bairstow was foxed as the ball nicked his thigh-pad and took a loft that was comfortably pouched by Dinesh Kartik. The third-umpire overturned the decision of Bairstow’s dismissal. He saved the best for the last. He hit the deck in the exact same spot but the speed went upto a whopping 145 kays and it was in the perfect spot that clipped the top of Jonny’s off-stumps, a paradise for a fast bowler.
Wriddhiman Saha
He was used for the third over in the powerplay itself thereby keeping Warner reticent and the Sunrisers contained.
He came back in the 17th over and pulled off another decent final over that saw him finally capping off his quota of 4 overs for just 19 runs at a magical economy rate of 4.75 per over.
This turnaround was definitely an upshot of Brendon McCullum’s hard work as the preceptor of the squad, as he keeps on scribbling while the match is afoot. He must have had a word with Cummins and told him to stick to the rudimentaries. Cummins adhered to the advice and it worked wonders for the most expensive purchase of IPL who got brutally trolled after being expensive in the preceding match.

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