Here’s The Reason Why Fielders Are Dropping Too Many Catches In IPL 2020

IPL 2020: As the first round of IPL has already been completed and all the teams have played one game at least, there is one thing that has really taken over the entirety of the tournament, and honestly, it is bizarre. A lot of catches have gone down.

In today’s world, as perfection is the key to greatness in the sport, every single miss can be extremely ignominious for a player. However, in the current IPL, we have seen the best of players missing chances which are the simplest of takes. Most of these misses are happening in the boundaries mainly.

The first excuse that a player gives after dropping a catch is that it is lights that have left him blind. Unfortunately in the Ring of Fire, that isn’t just an excuse but a fact that one may not be able to align himself with.

A lot of fingers were pointed at Virat Kohli tonight after he dropped those two catches of Rahul and he went on to smash every single delivery that came along his way. However, if we closely dissect the alignment of the floodlights, we may find a deeper picture.

Ideally n most of the stadiums, lights are fixed on a separate pedestal that makes them look like a blazing skyscraper. However, the point here is the lights remain too distant from the ground that gives more or less clear vision for a cricketer to snaffle up an opportunity.

The lights in the Ring of Fire are attached to the gallery terraces and that makes the light come to a lot closer to the field, thereby creating an illusion in the eyes of the players.

KL Rahul

Though this can never be an excuse considering the fact that we all use sun-glasses these days and in fact even before the IPL started we have seen cricketers using those glasses to shield themselves from that smoke and mirrors created by those late dashes of light in one’s eye.

However, this can actually be a reason for catches getting dropped in IPL 2020. One will have to use the apt equipment to ensure that such spillages do not impinge the upshot and the others will have to ensure that the tightest line of bowling can be conformed so that those changes can compound exponentially.

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