IPL 2020: 5 Reasons Why MI vs CSK Is Going To Be A Big Treat For Fans

IPL 2020: 5 Reasons Why MI vs CSK Is Going To Be A Big Treat For Fans

MI vs CSK: With Indian Premier League knocking on our doorstep, we fans have been extremely excited to watch our favourite teams locking horns with each other, waiting a long hiatus. The apex body has already belted out the schedule, fixing up Chennai Super Kings versus Mumbai Indians as the opener.

Of course, they knew that what was going to be the crowd-puller and they acted in the best of their interests, ensuring the fact that the audience gets what they want. We would like to try and dissect that why the IPL opener will be nothing short of a crackerjack tournament.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni returns

On 15th August, former Indian captain hung his boots from international cricket, shattering a zillion hearts who were eagerly looking forward to Mahi taking over the field in the imminent T-20 World Cup. Now with the fray postponed indefinitely, the Indian wicket-keeping batsman realized the fact that it would be too late for him to join the national team again. Hence, he let it go.

That is what made the wait so unbearable for his fans. However, with Indian Premier League taking off with Chennai and Mumbai, fans will tune in to watch Dhoni take the field again, dish out those instructions to the players and be the Captain Cool that we all know. MI vs CSK is also going to be the return of MS DHONI.

Indian fans without cricket for so long

Cricket is a religion in the sub-continent that sees its disciples going absolutely crazy sans the game. India played their last international fixture in February where lost to a soaring New Zealand in the second test, making things extremely embarrassing for them.

Victory or defeat, cricket itself fills the fans with hopes and thrills that they very rarely experience. For them, it is an offering that God himself offers them with. With the menacing virus on the prowl, most people are locking themselves in to efface the impact of the virus. IPL will be their salve as they will get what they have been waiting for, and MI vs CSK will finally this wait.

MI vs CSK= Dhoni versus Rohit

It has always been a significant debate about the fact that who is a better captain in IPL? Is it Rohit Sharma or is it Mahendra Singh Dhoni? Numbers suggest that Dhoni holds a significant upper hand over his Indian teammate.

However, as the proverb goes, statistics is a naked lie, Sharma is still to play those many matches as that Dhoni has done and once the duo has equalled the numbers, then only can we suggest that who comes up trumps in this long race. As IPL starts with India’s brass taking on each other, fans would love to savour the hostility between these two win-hungry skippers.

Cricket returns in a post-COVID world

With the pandemic shaking the world by the scruff of its neck, situations have changed. It is no longer going to be the same glamorous fray, illumined by the electrifying ambience where fans ruptured into unreserved exhilarations when their team went big. This is going to be a long grim walk down the dark tunnel.

No fans, no entertainment, and sheer brutal cricket that is all that this tournament will be reduced to in its current format. Fans will be eager to comprehend the new normal of cricket. Probably with time, things will settle, however, the opener will serve as a bugle-call for everyone out there to get accustomed to this new norm of living your life.

CSK’s adaptation to the moroseness that they are already embroiled in

Raina has always been the beacon of premium excellence for Chennai and now with him gone, they will have to acclimatize themselves to a new line up that will be fresh but untested.

Going by the antiquity of mankind, untested things have always gone two ways and they are extremes. Either Chennai will come out with flying colours, turn themselves into an absolutely invincible unit or they will go down the hard way in obliterating flames. Now the question is, how well prepared is Mahendra Singh Dhoni to battle these unprecedented circumstances. The answer will be the IPL opener.

We just can’t wait for the season opener- MI vs CSK. 

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