5 Most Expensive Sponsorship Deals Of IPL 2020

IPL 2020: As we are all aware of the fact that Indian Premier League’s biggest source of attraction is the amount of money which goes behind the glamorous fray, it has always been a question posed by the fans that how exactly these titanic amounts of transactions can happen in the flash of an eye.

With questions ranging from who are the biggest investors to what is their share of income from the tournament, fans have been scratching their heads upside down. Still, to decipher the ones who join forces to make this grandeur a success, we have tried to make a compilation of the five biggest brands who have invested the most amount of money in this tournament for the imminent edition of the fray.

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Also to mention, garnering sponsors for this edition of the tournament was never easy as the pandemic has been raging wild across the world, claiming countless lives. However, given the fray’s glittering history and the promise that the proceeds from this edition will be nothing different or short, investors decided to come on board.

1. IPL 2020 Title Sponsor Dream 11

In the year of lockdowns and isolations, Dream 11 took massive strides in expanding themselves across the sporting platforms that saw them notching up the bid for Indian Premier League 2020.

A fantasy sporting platform that engages fans across the nation to indulge in setting up their own teams for every single game, has hogged the limelight in 2020 by replacing Vivo from the mantle.

They have also become the co-presenting partners on the air broadcast after which came the massive communique that they have also taken over the broadcasting rights, rather going to be co-presenting partners of the telecast on Disney plus Hotstar for the live streaming of the tournament.

They bought the title sponsorship for the league for a whopping Rs 222 crores. Then they purchased the co-presenting partnership rights alongside the IPL live broadcast team for 120-130 crores.

The most telling blow cane when they announced that they have come to terms with six teams where the amount is supposed to be Rs 500 crores in total.

2. Byju’s

The learning app, Byju’s made headlines when they took over the Indian cricket team as their primary sponsors. Reaping a good amount of benefits from the international cricket scene, they showed more interest in franchise cricket.

Their total on-air spending will be in the vicinity of 150-160 crores which has also seen them amassing the pre and post-game shows laced with the talks in the innings break.

3. Amazon

Amazon is one of the nation’s biggest online shopping platforms. They have managed to claim a share of their partnership with Star Sports for presenting as they have chipped with an astronomical amount of Rs 120 crores this year.

Given the popularity of Amazon across the world, it will also relay a significant image of the tournament across the face of the planet.

4. Phonepe

With the rise of digitization in India, online payment platforms have been grabbing the limelight like wildfire. Phonepe’s meteoric ascent in recent days has underlined the probable future and the transition of India from analog to digital.

They have also splurged a massive amount of Rs 120 crores for their promotion in the biggest Indian tournament of all.

5. IPL 2020: Vi

If there is one advert that has reigned supreme on the telly, that is this groovy sound of Vi. An advertisement spanning over a good deal of 60 seconds hasn’t really been received well by the Indian crowd as a majority of the populace has grumbled about its irascible tone.

Vi is the confluence of Vodafone and Idea and is splurging 120 crores towards this tournament. Interestingly, out of the top five brands, four of them have been online platforms, data that can link India’s latest penchant for going digital.

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