IPL Stats: Who Is A Better Captain Between MS Dhoni And Rohit Sharma

Right since the two Indian stalwarts started with the leadership of their respective teams, an unstated comparison has always done the rounds that have left their particular set of fans crossed against each other. We are talking about former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni and current Indian vice-captain, Rohit Sharma.

Though the two athletes are great buddies in the Indian colours, they become sworn enemies in India’s most extravagant domestic cricket tournament. Mumbai Indians is being led by Rohit Sharma since 2013 and under his leadership, the team has managed to win 4 IPL championships. Dhoni has been with Chennai as their captain right since the entirety of the team and continues to be the most successful captain of all time in IPL.

Going by the winning percentage, Dhoni sits on the throne with 61.89 per cent whereas Rohit Sharma, leading his team in a lesser number of matches, has scored 57.69 as the winning figure. In seven seasons, Sharma has led Mumbai to the crown for a record four times while Dhoni has led Chennai to the crown for a record two times in a twelve-year span, out of which Chennai was axed from the fray for a couple of seasons.

In his glittering IPL career, there was one season where Dhoni flopped as a captain miserably when Rising Pune Supergiants ended in the seventh spot in the league table in their maiden venture in the fray.

Dhoni has captained his team in matches while Rohit has captained his team in 104 games. The difference in the numbers also play a staggering role in deciding the fate in Dhoni’s favour, however, the numbers might topple shortly as this will most likely be Dhoni’s last IPL and Sharma at least has 3-4 years of cricket remaining in him.

The Indian Hitman has managed to chronicle 60 victories as a skipper while the best Indian wicket-keeper could gather 99 victories out of his 160 appearances as a captain.

One unforgettable figure which both the captains would like to erase against their names is the number of defeats suffered by both. Sharma has lost 42 games as a skipper while Dhoni lost 60. Rohit also ended up with two ties against his name wherein Dhoni boasts of a perfect record of not even pulling off one single impasse.

A quick glance at the toss would show Dhoni to be luckier, given the sheer force of numbers, as the Ranchi-based batsman has won 85 tosses while Sharma has won 52 tosses.

With all said and done, these two are incredible stalwarts of the game who can turn around the tide in the flash of an eye. Not just as a captain but their roles in the team are also indispensable as the franchises rely on these stars heavily, irrespective of the stage of the tournament.

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