“2020 Can’t Get Worse” Twitterati React After MS Dhoni Got DRS Call Wrong

In a very rare spectacle, MS Dhoni got a DRS wrong last night when he went against Chawla’s decision to appeal for a wicket in the 14th over of the Mumbai innings. Chawla very clearly indicated that the ball was missing the stumps. However, Dhoni was adamant that the leg-spinner did claim his second wicket for the night.

He took the review and much to his surprise, rather a woeful surprise, DRS showed that Chawla was right and the ball was drifting away down the leg stumps. Hence, the umpire’s decision stood, and MS Dhoni was confounded, a rarity but it did unfold.

This rarity left the fans baffled because if there was one of the virtues that Dhoni was always proud of, it was his acumen to contest the wrong decisions of the umpires. Twitter exploded in utter incredulity as they still held on to their belief that this must have been a smokescreen or an alternate reality.

The first tweet read, “~ the sexual tension between DRS AND MI – MS DHONI aka THALA”

Another tweet read, “‘It’s 2020 for a reason’, say netizens after MS Dhoni gets DRS call wrong.”

The third tweet read, “Dhoni DRS goes wrong* Meanwhile, 2020:-“


Another tweet read, “What?!! MS Dhoni’s review turned down! Chawla persuaded MSD to take the DRS and the ball would’ve gone outside off-stump according to the ball tracker!”

The final tweet read: “Me after knowing that Dhoni DRS is failed:”

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