Navika Kumar Slams Sunil Gavaskar For His Controversial Statement Against Anushka Sharma

The famous news anchor Navika Kumar has criticized the Indian legend Sunil Gavaskar for passing a distasteful comment on Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma and has demanded his removal from BCCI’s commentary panel.
Gavaskar jokingly said during yesterday’s IPL match between RCB and KXIP that Kohli didn’t have enough practice during the lockdown and he was actually practicing against Anushka Sharma’s bowling. 
Gavaskar was referring to a video which was uploaded on social media where Kohli could be seen playing cricket with Anushka on his terrace where Anushka was bowling to him and he was batting.

Gavaskar’s comment was, however, taken out of proportion as the furious fans came down heavily on him for his choice of words against Kohli and his wife.
Anushka herself didn’t take very kindly to the comment at all and put up an Instagram story where she asked Gavaskar why he said something like that despite being an absolute legend of Indian cricket.
Gavaskar has not responded to it yet, but it has triggered a social media storm. BCCI, in the past, has sacked a couple of commentators for their on-air remarks, but it remains to be seen if they take such an extreme step against a legend like Gavaskar.
Sunil Gavaskar
Gavaskar will be on air again tonight and it will be interesting to see if he apologizes for his comment.
Anushka, in the meantime, has also expressed her disappointment about the fact that people keep dragging her name into cricket. 
This is not the first time that Anushka has been trolled for Kohli’s failures on the ground. It has happened before too. One such instance was after the 2015 ODI World Cup semi-final where Kohli couldn’t score heavily and India lost.
Anushka was accompanying Kohli on that tour and she had to take a lot of criticism because of Kohli’s failure. 

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