5 Best Finishers In IPL

5 Best Finishers In IPL: To close out games, especially in white-ball cricket is not a piece of cake for any batsman. It’s not easy to be a finisher. In fact, when you talk about the best finishers in the game of cricket, there aren’t too many to boast about. It’s tough for a team to look out for batsmen who could finish the games for them on a consistent basis. 

With the introduction of T20 cricket, teams are extensively looking for destructive hitters who can bail their team out of trouble and take their team over the line. Indian Premier League has been witnessed to some of the finest finishers of the game. Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians have always possessed some great finishers and this is one of the reasons why they have been the two most successful sides in the history of IPL. 

In this article, we look at 5 best finishers in IPL: 

1, MS Dhoni:

MS Dhoni

The greatest finisher the world has ever seen, MS Dhoni tops the chart and you shouldn’t be asking why. During his career, MS Dhoni has perhaps finished countless games for India. He has done the same for Chennai Super Kings in IPL as well. 

It doesn’t matter if you need 10-runs an over and more in a run-chase, MS Dhoni has time and again proved why is considered the greatest finisher of all time. He has helped CSK win a lot of matches through his ability to nail the run-chases. Seldom have you seen him not taking his side over the side in a run-chase. 

MS Dhoni has made the most number of appearances in IPL. He has played 200 matches in IPL thus far, scoring 4596 runs at an average and strike rate of 41.40 and 137.35, 

2. Kieron Pollard:

Photo – BCCI

Kieron Pollard perhaps is one of the most underrated players in Mumbai Indians in IPL. Every time the team has looked to be struggling during a run-chase, Kieron Pollard has come to their rescue, especially in the most important games.

The West Indies all-rounder makes sure he not only contribute to the run-chase but stays till the end and finish games for the team. Be it against RCB in 2017 or SRH in 2013, Keiron Pollard has time and again proved why he has a vital cog in Mumbai Indians’ wheel over the years. 

3. AB de Villiers :


AB de Villiers has done it in the past and is still doing consistently for RCB. The recent game against Rajasthan Royals in the ongoing IPL 2020 is a prime example of why he is regarded as one of the greatest finishers in the shortest format. 

There is nothing that De Villiers can’t do on a cricket field. Till the time, he is there at the crease no total is impossible to chase. The fans have witnessed that many a time. 

Ab de Villiers has scored 4680 runs in 164 matches at an average of 40.69 and an outstanding strike rate of 153.14. 

4. Andre Russell:

Andre Russell’s performance has a lot to do with making a Kolkata Knight Riders a formidable unit in IPL. The West Indies all-rounder wreaked havoc last season and single-handedly won games for his side, courtesy his unmatchable finishing skills. In his IPL career, he has finished games for his side many a time and sits at fourth position in the list of top 5 best finishers in IPL.

5. Hardik Pandya 


Hardik Pandya, today, has become a household name in world cricket, courtesy his top-notch performances for Mumbai Indians. Playing for Mumbai Indians since 2015, Hardik Pandya has established a name for himself as an outstanding finisher in IPL. 

He has become a vital cog for Mumbai Indians along with Keiron Pollard in the lower middle-order. Hardik Pandya has played 75 matches in his IPL career thus far, scoring 1232 runs at an average of 28.65 and a strike rate of 155.55. 


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