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“7 Teams Are Playing IPL 2020 And 1 Team Is Playing The World Test Championship

IPL 2020

IPL 2020 has set a new low for one of the best teams in the glittering history of the fray as Chennai Super Kings has now been rooted to the bottom half of the table with only three victories from ten games. Chennai’s best bet in the tournament, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has failed to live up to his billing.

Not only has he been extremely sluggish with the bat but his captaincy has also been questioned by several pundits for the ongoing tournament IPL 2020. The man who was known as the walking DRS has failed to get his reviews correct and that has cost Chennai dearly.

Another clattering factor that has left Chennai in utter disarray has been the performance of their fourth foreigner. Questions have also been raised about the repeated appearance of Kedhar Jadhav who has been miserable throughout the fray both with the bat and in the field.

Unfortunately, Dwayne Bravo who seemed to be decent with the ball has suffered a hamstring injury and his return to the side is still oblivious. Everything that Chennai had planned had gone south and Dhoni has been drumming up some major controversy with his defensive approach where his team needed him on several occasions to play those big knocks and he couldn’t.

Not only did he fall short of runs, but the strike rate that he has scored at, has been the crux of all the humiliating posts that have surrounded him. Unfortunately, despite the best of attempts to turn the tide in his favour, he has failed to strike a breakthrough.

He has shown glimpses of brilliance on intermittent occasions but the bigger picture has still remained vacant. Twitter really couldn’t come to grips with the senescing of their hero, Dhoni. There have been jeers and catcalls that demanded the national hero to step down from the podium and honestly it is an absolutely heart-wrenching sight to witness.



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