A Twitter User Slammed Insensitive Trolls For Targeting MS Dhoni’s Daughter


Ziva Dhoni Receives Threat Online: Leave the streets, those empty roads, women in this country are not safe even on the internet! We talk about heinous cases like Hathras, Nirbhaya, and Asifa. We feel angry when they blame the ‘short clothes’ or ‘lifestyle’ of the victim and not the mentality of the molester. We express our anger over the disgusting mentalities of our leaders blaming the victims. But how low one has to stoop to give rape threats to a 6-year-old?

Yesterday, we saw a new low. Ziva Dhoni, the 5-year-old daughter of former Indian skipper MS Dhoni — the man who took the Indian cricket team to new heights and gave us many proud and memorable moments– received rape and death threats on social media after MS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings lost their match in the ongoing 13th edition of the Indian Premier League.

Unhappy with the results, few unruly cricket fans took to social media, especially the Instagram account of MS Dhoni, and posted horrible messages for Dhoni and didn’t spare his family members as well. The vilest of all messages were rape threats to his 5-year-old daughter Ziva Dhoni. All of this, only because CSK lost a match? But what was the fault of Ziva Dhoni in all this?


This abuse and vileness on social media from hate-filled cricket followers led to many people to come out and take a stand against this inhuman act. Among many, a popular twitter user named Ishita Yadav posted a hard-hitting tweet, slamming those who posted such disgusting comments and threats for the daughter of MSD.

In her tweet, Ishita Yadav demanded a strict punishment and arrest of these people to set a precedent. She wrote:

Dhoni’s lovely little girl is now getting rape threats because he didn’t play well in a dumb cricket match?! She’s SIX! What is wrong with these disgusting people?! They should be arrested to set a precedent.”

Here, check out the tweet:

Just like Ishita Yadav, many twitter users took to their micro-blogging account and expressed their anger with tweets.

Here, check out the reactions of netizens on this:


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