Aakash Chopra Shared Why He Believes CSK Can Still Make It To The Playoffs
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Aakash Chopra Shared Why He Believes CSK Can Still Make It To The Playoffs

Chennai Super Kings

Aakash Chopra Shared Why He Believes CSK Can Still Make It To The Playoffs: Cricket is all about uncertainties, anything can happen in this sport at any given time. And when it comes to Chennai Super Kings, which is the second most successful team in the IPL history, we have witnessed the Super Kings creating history time and again.

Well, in the ongoing 13th edition of the Indian Premier League, Chennai Super Kings has been hanging on the seventh spot of the points table. The team has only won 5 off the 7 games they have played so far. MS Dhoni and his squad have found themselves at the receiving end of criticism.

However, it will be very foolish to write Chennai Super Kings, the three-time IPL champions off so early in the season. Though the team has lost 5 games, but none of them were huge losses. The team has been maintaining a run rate of -0.588.

Also, this isn’t the first time that Chennai Super Kings have found themselves at a stage like this. It was in the year 2010, when CSK was placed at 7th at mid-season: Just like in the ongoing edition. There are many similarities in the points table, which is making fans to hope for a miracle to happen and with MS Dhoni as the skipper of the team, anything is possible.

Meanwhile, the fans aren’t the only one hoping for a miracle, popular commentator Aakash Chopra also feels the same. Recently, he took to his twitter and shared an image citing co-incidences between the 2010 and 2020 season for the Chennai Super Kings. Sharing the detailed information, Aakash Chopra wondered if CSK can turn this edition like how they did in the 2010’s edition of the league. He wrote:

“So, here’s to cheer up #CSK fans before tonight’s game. Can 2020 be like 2010? Even Impossible says ‘I-M-Possible’”

Here, check out the tweet of Aakash Chopra:

Earlier Aakash Chopra had claimed that tonight’s match will be a do or die match for the Dhoni side franchise. He had said:

“Tonight will be the most important night in CSK’s campaign. Because if they lose today, they can bid goodbye to their campaign. This is the last chance for them, if not today then never.”

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