IPL 2020

An Open Letter To All The CSK Fans Out There


Dear CSKians,

I am heartbroken and I am sure, you must be too. I am neither a cricket-expert nor a blind worshipper of Chennai Super Kings, but I am a die-hard MSD fan. For me, cricket is all about watching Mahendra Singh Dhoni turning every match into a victory for our team. I must confess that watching him finish games with those stunning helicopter shots had become a habit but then 2020 happened!


Chennai Super Kings, a team that has won the IPL trophy three times and gave us millions of memories over all these years, are enduring their worst season in IPL history. Despite being a die-hard fan of MS Dhoni and his team – CSK, I know the team is not playing good enough to win a match, let alone the tournament. CSK is losing and it is impossible to reach to playoffs now. But we can’t blame MS Dhoni for this disastrous journey of CSK in IPL 2020.

A broken team, injury issues, in-form players, there were many issues with Chennai Super Kings, even before the league kickstarted. The team had limited options when it comes to players, besides this, the ones who were given an opportunity have not performed as per the expectations.

MS Dhoni

While Dhoni, as a captain, just like always, has been full of motivation for his teammates. The way he has been fighting and trying his best to hold the team is something worth appreciating. But talking about Dhoni, the batsman, it was a heartbreaking sight to watch him this helpless.

But ups and downs are a part of life. At the end of the day, it’s a game and someone has to lose it. As they say ‘losing isn’t always the end, sometimes it becomes the beginning’.

So, my dear CSKians, today, I am writing this letter to you, to show my appreciation to you. Well, no I am not talking about those fans who were cheering for the team when they won and abused them when they failed. This letter is for all those fans, who kept the faith, the ones who stuck by the team, and the main man – MS Dhoni!

Yes, this is for you, the true, loyal CSKians and MSDians. Thank you for standing by your team — CSK and not jumping into the bandwagon and baying for Dhoni’s blood.

I know it hurts to see people trolling your favorite team and mocking your favorite player. I know it is painful to see your favorite team at the bottom of the points table. It hurts to see someone who has turned every game into a win, falling continuously to lead the team to victory but if you are a true CSK fan, you know the team will bounce back in the next season of IPL.

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So, stop letting those memes and jokes affect you, enjoy them instead of getting offended, and remember the lions will roar back again! Till then #Yellove

Thank you,
From one CSK fan to another.

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