Australian Journalist Trolled MS Dhoni And Indians Fans Gave It Back To Him
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Australian Journalist Trolled MS Dhoni And Indians Fans Gave It Back To Him

MS Dhoni

Former Indian skipper MS Dhoni is regarded as one of the greatest cricketers to have ever played for team India. Besides serving our country by being a part of the Indian cricket team, MS Dhoni has also been conferred with the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army. In 2019, the cricketer completed his two-week stint with the Army in Jammu and Kashmir.

The cricketer has always worn his passion and love for the Army on his sleeve. Every MS Dhoni fan takes pride in the fact that the former skipper also serves in the Indian army. For the same reason, when recently Dennis Freedman took a dig at him, fans slammed him brutally.

For the unversed, Dennis Freedman is one of the very entertaining cricket writers from Australia. Though he is a very big fan of the Pakistan cricket team he is very brutal when it comes to the Indian cricket team. On social media, he keeps trying his best to impress Pakistan cricket fans, and for the same, insulting Indian cricketers seems to be the easiest ways

However, he often finds himself at the receiving end of criticism because of his tweets. Over the years, we have seen him posting many controversial tweets, pictures, and videos against Indian cricketers, especially Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, and Gautam Gambhir.

In his latest tweet, Dennis Freedman insulted the former Indian skipper, MS Dhoni. He took to his Twitter account and shared a video of a kid’s failed attempt of trying to shoot with a gun. In his tweet, Dennis insulted MS Dhoni, who is also the Lt. Col in the Indian army by comparing him with the kid in the video. He wrote:

“Lt Col Dhoni patrolling the border.”

Here, check out the insulting tweet:

The tweet soon went viral and was flooded with reactions from angry Indian cricket fans. Indians are now giving it back to him for his disrespectful tweet towards the legendary Indian cricketer. People are slamming him left, right, and center. Here’s how they reacted:


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