CSK Fans Salute MS Dhoni For His ‘Never Say Die’ Spirit On The Field

CSK Fans Salute MS Dhoni: The Indian audience stayed absolutely stunned after a series of bizarre events that unfolded before their eyes in the thriller between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

The calmest cricketer of the world, Kane Williamson lost his calm while the best fielder on the pitch, Ravindra Jadeja miffed an easy catch in the deep.

However, surpassing everything, the incident that hogged the limelight was the fact that Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of the fittest cricketers of the world was seen panting and struggling in the middle.

This was an unprecedented spectacle as Dhoni out of all has never struggled this much before.

After running two couples against Khaleel Ahmed, he was panting heavily and needed medical attention. He had to cop some serious attention from the medical staff that helped him to cope with the scorching ambiance in the middle that left him frayed mentally and physically.

Firstly, the temperature was 40 degrees centigrade that would make life tough for any cricketer in the middle. Secondly, Dhoni is 39 years old and cricketers mostly give up by 35.

Source: IPLT20.com

Thirdly, the boundaries of the Ring Of Fire are astronomical and with due coming into play, it requires a lot more brawn to strike the balls. Lastly, with the asking rate shooting through the roof, Dhoni had to go for the stands and he used all his energy to ensure that he didn’t miss the ropes. However, it was not his day.

CSK and MS Dhoni fans were stunned to see MS Dhoni in such a shape that the world didn’t expect would come to pass. It was an emotional effort by MS Dhoni as he tried to give his best until the last ball of the game was bowled. Here’s how CSK fans reacted:

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