"The GOAT Of IPL" Fans Praise MS Dhoni For Taking 100 IPL Catches

“The GOAT Of IPL” Fans Praise MS Dhoni For Taking 100 IPL Catches

MS Dhoni Took His 100the IPL Catchj: Just when it seemed like KL Rahul was prepping himself for that final onslaught of the Chennai bowlers, Shardul Thakur pulled off an absolute gem of a delivery that got him dazed and confused and he ended up nicking it.

However, what followed thereafter was sheer gold as Dhoni sprung to his right pouching a stunning take of his successor in the Indian team, thereby achieving a glorious feat of 100 catches in IPL.

The Indian skipper has now spent twelve glittering years in the history of IPL, which saw him starting his campaign with Chennai Super Kings as their skipper.

Out of all the seasons that he has played in the fray, he has been a captain in eleven seasons while he has played as a player in just one of them and that was for Rising Pune Super Giants.

He has been the best wicketkeeper of the fray as he has had the highest number of dismissals in IPL until now.

The first man in IPL to be pouched by Dhoni was Jacques Kallis while Rahul becam3 the 100th victim of some extraordinary keeping.

He rocked the internet after a superb catch in the preceding game and today, Twitter flooded with the extraordinary feat of MSD as he pouched an absolute pearler removing the lethal KL Rahul, snuffing out any further damage that Punjab could have inflicted upon them.

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