IPL 2020 : Find Out The Most Profitable And Loss Making Teams Of The Fray

The auction for IPL 2020 was held in December in Kolkata. It wasn’t just a contest of how big and fat is one’s purse but how deep of a pocket are they making from this cash-rich league. What apparently seems like a friendly cricketing ambience per se, is wrapped up in tones of cash from beneath. There are countless sponsors and almost everything in the game comes with a sponsor bankrolling the same.

Now a question that has always loomed large in front of the spectators is that how much does the owner of a franchise makes from this tournament. It is not just the victories and the losses that count for the amount of money one can make in the fray but also the endorsements and the financial transactions that barely manifest on the table but yet pays handsomely to bloat one’s purse.

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We will look at the teams who have so far managed to make reap handsome dividends from the tournament while the others who have gradually rode on a slumping descent monetarily.


Profit Makers:

  1. Mumbai Indians: The team owned by Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani has been sitting on the cushion of extravagant profits for the last four years now. Of course, the fact that their performance has improved by leaps and bounds has contributed significantly to the rise of the amount, but the off-field show run by the Ambani family has been nothing short of a wonder. The team’s current value stands at Rs 809 crores.
  2. Chennai Super Kings: The three-time fan following have amassed a massive fan following throughout the nation over the course of the team’s glittering history. They did suffer a massive dent to their reputation when they were banned for a couple of years. However, they regained their ground when the team appeared in two consecutive finals, one of which they won while the other ended in a thrilling defeat for them. The biggest impetus for the franchise will always be the presence of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
  3. Sunrisers Hyderabad: They are more like an underdog in the financial race, considering the facts that they are relatively a newer team in the tournament vis-à-vis the other paragons. However, the franchise has exhibited a growth rate of 9 per cent. They have already won an IPL, underlining their brilliance and are regular attendees of the play-offs. They have always managed to secure a good squad and these are the factors which help them to make ample profit at the business end.

Loss Makers:

  1. Kolkata Knight riders: Kolkata Knight riders was one of the best teams of the IPL tournament that saw them lifting the trophy twice under the leadership of Gautam Gambhir. However, those glory days have been long gone, and they are currently stuttering to find a rich vein of form under their new captain, Eoin Morgan. The glaring inconsistency hasn’t just struck their on-field fortunes but their financial value has been dampened too. The franchise has lost 8 per cent in the context of brand value and is currently worth Rs 630 crores.
  2. Royal Challengers Bangalore: With fleeting performances in every passing year, Bangalore has not only tasted dirt in the closing stages, but they have also dished out woeful performances, to say the least. The presence of Virat Kohli has been the solitary shaft of hope for the team not just on the field but also financially and it is his presence in the squad that has kept the brand value at Rs 595 crore.
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