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Five Reasons Why Chennai Was Knocked Out Of IPL 2020

CSK - IPL 2020

IPL 2020: For the first time in the glittering history of the Indian Premier League, one of the most successful teams of the fray did not make it to the playoffs, Chennai Super Kings. A lot of dissections and analysis were made that probably could have shed some light upon the failure of the team who has never talked anything below the knock-outs. However, they all rallied around MS Dhoni.

I personally believe that the problem was far more deep-rooted than the fiasco of MS Dhoni. It was a collective failure from the team and the absence of two of the team’s most experienced campaigners cost them dearly. We will look at five reasons why Chennai Super Kings failed to qualify for the play-offs in IPL 2020.

  1. Arrogance from the management

The management was vaguely arrogant about playing the exact same players who repeatedly failed to strike the right chord. They were dependent upon individual heroics which fizzled out to cameos without a big knock from a solitary player and hence, the failure was even more gaping and evident.

With Suresh Raina gone, Chennai failed to cement the void that was created in the number three position. For a batsman to succeed one need to show ample trust and give him some time. After a resonating start to the tournament against Mumbai Indians, Rayudu picked up an injury and that proved to be a fatal blow to his aspirations. He shortly started crumbling all over the place, barely stitching together cameos which didn’t really prove to be fruitful for the Kings. He had a great patch for three consecutive games when he amassed 128 runs in three games but given the sluggishness of the knock, all the diligence went down the drain.

Honestly, the ubiquitous presence of Raina at the number three position blindsided Chennai for all these years knowing the fact at the end of the day they have the best number three of the tournament in their ranks. It should have never been the scenario that would have precluded them from preparing their next best alternative. However, this arrogance of being overtly reliable on the same cricketer, expecting to elicit a couple of seasons more from the southpaw.


  1. The ever-reigning faith on Captain Supreme

Chennai was always of the blind faith that no matter whatsoever happens, they have a man in their ranks named MS Dhoni and he will bail them out from any given jeopardy. Had this been a year back, Chennai would have been bang on. However, things were extremely different this time. Dhoni was out of touch and out of cricket for a long span and he was expected to bat in the similar fashion out there in the middle against world-class bowlers.


Contrary to popular belief, batting in the game is never as easy as batting in the nets. You may rack up astronomical strikes inside the nets but honestly, the pressure factor is always missing and also you do not have a fair bit of idea about the situation around you. So the management and the fans who got their hopes up high after Dhoni struck a few great shots in the nets was unaware of the real situation completely.

MS Dhoni

Also, Dhoni had two bigger enemies that he had to battle on other fronts. One was age and the other being lack of practice. Dhoni last played cricket in 2019 against New Zealand while he was well passé as his age didn’t make life any easier for the former Indian captain. With the finisher taken out of the equation, Chennai was in utter hot waters and their batting started wobbling more than a wave.


  1. Kedar Jadhav and Chennai Super Kings – A love story bred in hell

If there was one man who pulled off a miraculous performance in conjuring multiple failures, it was Kedar Jadhav. Once a great middle-order batsman, he lost his touch and struggled badly in every single department. Not only he failed with the bat but the fielding that he put up was nothing short of abysmal.

IPL 2020

Despite such woeful outings, Jadhav still managed to win a playing spot in the regular eleven and also managed to let the fans and the management down for the zillionth time. His best contribution in the tournament so far was 22 and 26 and both of the knocks felt slower than a test inning. Unfortunately, Chennai’s unwavering support for Jadhav kept on backfiring and by the time they realized that the former veteran Indian international must be axed from the side, the damage was already done.


  1. Youngsters abandoned time after time

Ruturaj Gaikwad and Narayan Jagadeesan were highly spoken of cricketers before the fray started. Unfortunately, Chennai failed to shower their trust upon these youngsters and they were lost in eternal limbo.

In fact, the situation was such that Kris Srikkanth and MS Dhoni fell out with each other after Dhoni’s outrageous comments about the youngsters. Very minimal opportunities came in the way of Gaikwad and Jagadeesan and in alien pitches like that of Dubai and Sharjah, batting became a living nightmare for the incipient sensations.

Gaikwad crafted a wondrous 65 in the last game that saw Chennai coming up trumps over Royal Challengers Bangalore. Had Dhoni and the management chosen to show some more faith in these wunderkinder, the outcome could have been slightly different.


  1. Chennai drafted more experiments with the fourth foreigner in this season than the ones performed by scientists all over the world

The fourth foreigner in the Chennai side never found himself settled as the management kept on lingering between Hazlewood, Bravo, Santner, Tahir and Shane Watson.

Despite boasting of such illustrious names, the team simply couldn’t gather what was expected of them and suffered languor in the worst of fashions.

MS Dhoni on Imran Tahir

The continuous experimentation with the fourth foreigner kept on denting the hopes of Chennai and this is what rattled their journey in IPL 2020 further. Much to the woes of Chennai, even most of the foreigners who came in barring Bravo as the fourth man in the team failed to impress according to their fullest potential.

Bravo did well with the ball in hand but he got injured and had to warm the benches for most of the season. It seems that barring a pathetic display in the fray, even fortune jettisoned Chennai Super Kings for  IPL 2020.

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