Here’s How Fielding Has Played A Big Role In IPL 2020

IPL 2020: They say catches win matches and IPL 2020 has seen a lot of catches dropped throughout the tournament. Almost 30 percent of the catches have been miffed and yet the same edition of the tournament boasts of one of the best showdowns in the field from the fielders.

Spanning from the inhuman save of Nicholas Pooran in the deep to a stunning dive from Nagarkoti to complete a catch, IPL 2020 has seen some seriously beefed up fielding skills on the field. The agility of the cricketers has been noteworthy and more importantly the insight of the game that their respective preceptors shared with them has made them a better version of themselves in the field.

One of the glaring reasons for such a high percentage of catches being spilled has been the poor alignment of lights in the stadiums of UAE. Several players have complained of the poor quality lights glaring right into their eyes to turn the easiest catches into difficult ones.

Barring those botched up chances, the current edition of IPL has stayed witness to some high-profile fielding in the deep and even in the circle. More emphasis has been laid on throwing one’s body around in the field.

To hone the fielders into better versions of themselves, special training of inducing speed in their attempts to go for those crucial saves or attempt those catches have been inculcated.

Another fascinating factor about this year’s IPL has been the consistent showdown from the cricketers in the field despite scorching heat that ranged between 35 to 40 degrees centigrade.

IPL 2020 has exhibited fitness as one of its top traits. Spanning from running those extra meters in the field to save those boundaries to leaping high in the air, the ongoing edition of the fray has surpassed the previous seasons of the tournament by a million notches.

The high gentry of fielding in the tournament started with Faf Du Plessis plucking out two rippers from mid-air to remove two of Mumbai’s most stable batsmen. The catching habit then moved on to Kamlesh Nagarkoti who ran all the way from long-on to complete a diving effort just ahead of the long-off boundary.

Rahul Tripathi’s catch in the point by Suryakumar Yadav was another screamer of the highest order. Pollard picked up a one-handed take in the boundary that left the world stunned.

Jofra Archer produced a magical moment against Mumbai Indians that saw him catching an inhuman effort in the third man area with a one-handed attempt that left everyone in the field agape.

It just hasn’t been great catches that grabbed the limelight for all the right reasons but the effort in the field was absolutely spectacular.

From Rahul Tripathi to Nicholas Pooran, saves of the highest order were pulled off, saving crucial runs. Even in a super over between Punjab and Mumbai, Mayank Agarwal put in an extra-terrestrial enterprise to save five runs for his team that ultimately proved to be decisive for Kings XI Punjab.

These small attributes those changed on the field and the more onus being taken over by the fielder made it an absolute delight for the fans to witness IPL 2020 right until the final ball of the fray gas been bowled.

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