Imran Tahir Gave A Fitting Reply Who Called Him “Water Boy”

Imran Tahir Sends A Strong Message Across: With the advent of cricket, a lot of things have changed. Spanning from the basic rudimentary of the game to the chivalries carried out by the players, cricket is a new avatar of itself.

Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) has opened up a new spectrum of cricketing virtues for everyone in the world that has brought together all the glamorous cricketers of the world in a potpourri of legends.

Now in an overwhelming sight of sportsmanship, one of the best spinners of the world didn’t hesitate in carrying water and juices to his teammates who probably are not even close to crossing the national threshold.

Imran Tahir left a heartwarming message on Twitter explaining the fact that why he is going to do that over and over again.

His tweet read, “When I used to play many players carried drinks for me now when deserved players are in the field it’s my duty do return favors. Its not about me playing or not it’s about my team winning.If I get a chance I will do my best but for me, the team is important #yellove @ChennaiIPL”.

Imran Tahir is still to get some game time for Chennai. Honestly, it is not just him but star players like Josh Hazlewood and Mitch Santner have not been utilized properly by Chennai. Their current crop of foreign players has done a decent job until now and it makes life a bit difficult.

However, setting an example for everyone, Tahir posted a brilliant message justifying his action that will propel the youngster to learn sportsmanship from South Africa spinning wizard.

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