IPL 2020: Is Suresh Raina’s Career With CSK Over?

The Curious Case Of Suresh Raima: Chennai Super Kings have looked weirdly out of their elements without Suresh Raina, especially in the middle-order. Murali Vijay has failed to give them the required hope in the opening and Shane Watson is still to find his right chord.

Now time will divulge whether the return of Dwayne Bravo be doing any good to them or not, however, the major question that looms now is about the return of Suresh Raina.

A lot of speculations have been going through the ranks of the Chennai supporters that cites that a return may be imminent for Suresh Raina.

When Suresh Raina initially parted ways with CSK, there was a major sign of a gulf between Srinivasan and Raina. However, the duo later clarified that it was nothing but an amped-up version of several rumors hitting the canon.

Recently Raina liked a post on Twitter that was shared by a page which showed him and Dhoni sharing a smiling frame. This must-have downplayed any speculations of the duo being involved in any chasm at all.

Now, this doesn’t really give out any categorical vibe that Suresh Raina is going to return to the ranks, however anything that seems to be on the side of smiles, the Chennai fans will welcome them with arms wide open.

Suresh Raina has been posting videos and pictures of his workout routine

Raina has been recently posting videos of him working out on the lawns that signify the fact that he is prepping himself for something big. It was ideally expected that he left the CSK dugout because of Coronavirus fears.

Source: IPLT20.com

Now as time is passing with every single game, the fears are alleviating, it is expected that maybe in the second half of the tournament, Raina has chances of making a return to the ranks of Chennai.

There isn’t anything concrete to validate this theory but as a matter of fact, we can amass a few allusions here and there to string a theory which suggests that Suresh Raina will return for the second half of the fray that can be a welcome change to Chennai Super Kings.

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