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Opinion: I Have Started Respecting MS Dhoni Even More

MS Dhoni

For any MS Dhoni fan out there, last night’s defeat was one of the most heartbreaking moments from the glorious career of the legendary wicket-keeper batsman. It was the first time that we saw MS Dhoni this physically spent. He was tired, he was struggling, however, even after keeping the wickets for 20-overs, batting for over 14 overs, especially in the hot weather of the UAE, the 39-years-old, MS Dhoni fought till the last ball of the game.

MS Dhoni

Coming from a period, where every time our team was in trouble, even the commentators used to say “Unhoni ko honi karde naam hai MS Dhoni.” We have seen him winning impossible games for Team Indian and his team CSK. This is the legacy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, that you can’t stop believing that things can change from this point, every time he comes at the striker’s end.

My respect for MS Dhoni has increased during IPL 2020. Dhoni was left with a broken team after their key players Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh decided to pull out of the tournament, just a few days before the tournament began. The way he has been fighting and trying his best to hold the team is something worth appreciating.

MS Dhoni

Not just this, every time the team loses all the focus is on him as people expect him to turn every single game into a Dhoni-bonanza. From calling him names to criticizing him left, right and center, he is the one who gets all the blame for his team’s failure. Despite the failure of the batting department and goof-ups on the field, Dhoni is never seen giving excuses or criticizing anyone after the match.

Even in the last night’s match, when the top-order of the team collapsed, MS Dhoni, who played an unbeaten knock of 47 with a strike rate of 130, he took all the blame to himself. During the post-match presentation, Dhoni had said:

I was not able to middle a lot of balls. Was trying to hit it too hard. Looking at the boundary lines it was happening to me subconsciously. Normally, you would want to time it. Tried to get as much as time as possible”

It was the third consecutive defeat of CSK in IPL 2020. The last time Yellow Army suffered a three-match defeat in a row was the year 2014. Looking at CSK now, the team isn’t looking good but after last night’s performance from MS Dhoni, we have learned to not lose hope until the end.

MS Dhoni

Source: Twitter

No matter, if CSK wins or loses this tournament, doesn’t matter if MS Dhoni is able to perform or not, every cricket fan out there who love this sport will empathize with his situation right now, especially after what happened last night. Criticize him all you want for his performances, but never disrespect a legend that he is.

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