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This Man From Bihar Can Give A Tough Competition To Danny Morrison In The Commentary Box


Indian Premier League has always been a hotbed of rising talents. Not only in the sporting roster, but it has also scouted several budding sensations off the pitch for various roles.

In a similar situation, Twitteratti spotted an elderly man, replicating commentary of the highest order, most likely blending the styles of Boycott and Greig with an accent of his own.

He was asked that what would be his stance on the dismissal of Rohit Sharma. There was a slight controversy that was drummed up after Sharma was misjudged as lbw in one of the previous occasions.

The ball seemed to swing away from the stumps and the umpire failed to realise the trajectory of the delivery. This led to a tiff amongst the players but it fizzled out later.

However, the man who got the highest promotion in the middle of all of this, was this elderly man, confluencing Greig and Boycott with an unchecked rate of speed.

He was from the Manihari town in Katihar district in Bihar and the way he summed it up was nothing short of excellent.

Accentuating his dissatisfaction with the decision, he expressed that why it should have been not out in the first place.

Twitteratti went berserk at a commentator amongst themselves from a town that is hardly known to most of the Indians.

It seems that the Indian Premier League has done a lot of good to the nation other than being termed as a cash-rich fiesta.

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