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Virat Kohli Drinks The Most Expensive Water In The World

The Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, who is regarded as one of the fittest cricketers around the world. He is praised for his physique globally. He maintains a good balance between working on his game and fitness.

Virat Kohli

Over the years, Virat Kohli has transformed brilliantly. When he made his international debut, Kohli was nowhere close to the fitness level that he has achieved now. However, he worked extremely hard on his body and achieved a level of fitness, which has now become a benchmark and an inspiration for millions of people out there.

However, Virat Kohli, being a foodie has sacrificed a lot for that jaw-dropping hot body. Speaking to the media, Kohli’s childhood coach, Rajkumar Sharma revealed about Kohli’s struggle. He revealed:

Kohli once told me, if I don’t set the benchmark as captain, who else will? Even as the world looks on in wonder, I know the boy behind the man. He used to gorge on butter chicken, rolls and all sorts of fast food. But today, it finds no place in his diet.”

He further added:

In fact, he is so particular about his diet, that even when he comes over to my place, he won’t have packaged juices. You either give him fresh fruit juice or you don’t. Carbs are a strict no-no and there are no binge days in his routine anymore.”

Apart from the right diet, there is that one ingredient that keeps him fit and energetic and that ingredient is WATER!

Yes, you read that right. As per a report by Zeenews.india.com, Kohli drinks special mineral water called ‘Evian’ which is imported all the way from France, and it costs more than 600 rupees per liter.

For your information, the water packaged in Evian bottles is obtained from Évian-Les-Bains, which is situated on the south shore of Lake Geneva. The Evian water is not available everywhere across the country, so Virat Kohli makes sure he carries it wherever he goes.

Besides Kohli, Evian is used by many top sportspersons and celebrities, including Christiano Ronaldo. The brand of water is known for reducing weight, controlling depression, and also for improving the quality of the skin. The range of this brand goes from s 600 per liter to Rs 36,000 per liter.

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