Cricket fans and journalists slam Danny Morrison for calling Mithali Raj ‘my dear’ in an interview

Danny Morrison Mithali Raj

Former New Zealand cricketer-turned-commentator Danny Morrison has been facing a lot of heat lately from cricket fans as well as journalists. This is because he called Indian player and Velocity captain Mithali Raj ‘my dear’ in an interview. The interview was held after Velocity’s loss at the hands of the Trailblazers in the Women’s T20 Challenge. This is what exactly Danny Morrison said.

“Tomorrow’s a day off, my dear, Mithali Raj … what are you going to do, what are Velocity going to do tomorrow?”

Mithali Raj did not look surprised by the ‘my dear comment’ and took it very normally. However, Danny Morrison had to hear a lot from cricket fans and journalists for his wrong choice of words in the interview.

Danny Morrison bears the brunt for his ‘my dear’ comment

Australian sportswriter and broadcaster Isabelle Westbury was one of the first to be offended by Danny Morrison’s comment during the interview as she tweeted, “Don’t call international sportswomen ‘my dear’ in interviews. You wouldn’t say it to a man. It shouldn’t need to be said.”

“I worry (a lot) about overreacting to these kinds of comments, to commentators who I’m sure do not set out to be patronising. We all slip up, I get that. But I also firmly believe that media have a responsibility to set the agenda, and language is so important to how we perceive our athletes – as leaders, as role models.

“The bar is a simple one: if you are addressing a former India captain, if you wouldn’t in a million years call MS Dhoni “my dear” then it shouldn’t even cross your mind to address Mithali Raj as such,” she added as she posted a series of tweets.

Westbury’s ideas were resonated by another cricket writer Raf Nicholson, who said, “Can’t believe this has to be said in 2020 but please DO NOT call female players ‘my dear’ or tell them to ‘keep smiling’ when you are interviewing them in the post-match. FFS”.



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