Find Out The Salaries Of On-Field Umpires In IPL 2020

Find Out The Salaries Of On-Field Umpires In IPL 2020

IPL 2020: Indian Premier League has always been a cash-rich bonanza for everyone involved in it, barring probably the unnoticed heroes who fight on a daily basis to keep the grounds intact in order to ensure the continuation of the game.

There is another set of officials who ensure that game stays true to its core values and is being carried on in the fairest ways possible, and they are the arbitrators of the game, better known as umpires.

Spanning from the on-field umpires to the ones in the third umpire’s panel, they have taken care of the fact that the game continues without any interruption and the appeals and the events on the field from an arbitrary perspective is being overlooked by them.

However, in this article, we will look at the salaries of all those hard-working umpires who stand in the direct line of fire and ensures that both fire and ice on the field confluences in the perfect proportion to entertain the audience, in IPL 2020.

Before we dabble in the names, we should also mention that they had to undergo similar tests and quarantine periods like the players, and these aren’t spoken of much.

The Indian umpires who participated in IPL 2020 are Anil Chaudhary, C. Shamshuddin, Virender Sharma, K.N. Ananthapadmanabhan, Nitin Menon, S. Ravi, Vineet Kulkarni, Yashwant Barde, Ulhas Gandhe, Anil Dandekar, K Srinivasan, and Pashchim Pathak.

The foreign umpires for the same are Richard Illingworth (Eng), Paul Reiffel (Aus), and Christopher Gaffaney (NZ).

IPL 2020 umpires are being sponsored by Paytm this year and after the tournament ends they will be given a lump sum amount of Rs 7,33,000.

Barring that, the elite panel umpires will be getting Rs 1,98,000 per game while the development umpires will receive Rs 59,000 per match.

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The names in the list of elite umpires are Anil Chaudhary, C.Shamshuddin, Nitin Menon, S Ravi, Vineet Kulkarni, Ulhas Gandhe, Richard Illingworth, Paul Reiffel, and Christopher Gaffaney.

The monikers on the list of development umpires are Virender Sharma, KN Anathapadmanabhan, Yashwant Barde, Anil Dandekar, K Srinivasan, and Paschim Pathak.

Nitish Menon is the fourth official to be included in the ICC Elite Panel that also boasts of other names like Richard Illingworth, Paul Reiffel, and Christopher Gaffaney.

The Highest-paid match-official is Javagal Srinath who earns close to Rs 52,45,128.

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