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For The First Time In His Soothsaying Career, “Baba” Archer Got It All Wrong

Jofra archer

Before the latest edition of the tournament kick-started, Jofra Archer campaign was already lit by the preceding predictions which he made way back in 2013-14. More than a menacing fast bowler he was being hailed as a bang on soothsayer and people loved to pick up all the valuable pointers to give him the credits for his future prediction skills.

Most of his admonitions about the offing to arrive were spot on and alongside being a fast bowler, he started gaining traction for soothsaying where his predictions about oil price to lockdowns and everything came true.

He raised the spirits of Delhi Capitals in September when he predicted that this year’s IPL will most likely be theirs. His cryptic tweet read, “Del is on fire”.

In fact, keeping the tweet aside, Delhi gave the identity of true champions with some brilliant brand of cricket unless they met Mumbai Indians in the finale where the men in blue outclassed them in all the departments.

For the first time in a decade, his prediction missed the point though he came menacingly close. Now, being candid, it is still a tough ask to predict that whether he referred to Delhi’s form in the tournament or the trophy?

Also to make it another possibility, he may have even referred to Argentine tennis sensation, Juan Martin Del Potro. However, tennis is not ongoing at the moment, hence this possibility can be kept on the cards.

Usually, Archer has never missed his mark when it comes to bowling that menacing yorker or predicting the future. Hence, though it cannot be said that he was entirely wrong, for the time being, the Delhi fans may have a dig at him.

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