Glenn Maxwell Finally Replied To Controversial Statement Made By Virender Sehwag

Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell recently found himself at the receiving end of criticism from the former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag, who took a dig at his stint for Kings XI Punjab in the just-concluded edition of the IPL.

Virender Sehwag, the former Indian cricketer is known for his hard-hitting statements on cricketers and their performances. Recently, he took a jibe at Glenn Maxwell while listing his five flops of IPL 2020.

Glenn Maxwell

The year 2020 turned out to be a bad year for Glenn Maxwell. Sehwag referred to Maxwell as a ’10 crore cheerleader’ who was on a ‘highly-paid vacation’ after Maxwell’s poor returns of only 103 runs from 13 games he played for KXIP. In an episode of his YouTube show ‘Viru ki Baithak’ Viru had said:

Glenn Maxwell. This 10 crore cheerleader proved very costly for Punjab. His IPL routine for the last few years has been of shirking from work but this season he broke that record as well. This is what you call a highly paid vacation,”

MS Dhoni - Virender Sehwag

Now Glenn Maxwell has finally responded to the controversial statement made by Sehwag. Maxwell claimed that Sehwag, who is a former player and a mentor of KXIP has never hidden his disappointment regarding the Australia all-rounder. He said:

“It’s ok. Viru is pretty outspoken with his dislike of me, and that’s fine. He’s allowed to say whatever he likes. He’s in the media for such statements, so that’s fine. I deal with that and move on, and take it with a grain of salt with Sehwag,” 

He accepted how he wasn’t at his best and also how he wasn’t able to hit a single six during the entire tournament. He said:

“I was an inch short in one of the games. All I thought was, ‘Geez I should have gone to the gym a few more times before this game’. Having won the most sixes twice in that tournament, it’s pretty rare to go through a whole tournament without hitting one. I certainly copped a bit from a few of my teammates, but it was all in good jest,”





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