Harsha Bhogle Gives His Opinion About The New BBL Rules, Adam Gilchrist Likes His Tweet

Cricket expert Harsha Bhogle gave his opinion about the new rules brought into the Big bash League from this season. The Big Bash League will have three new rules which will add excitement to the shortest format. The first rule is the Power Surge, where teams will have four overs out of the six powerplay overs upfront. The remaining two overs will be selected by the batting team after the 11th over.

The second rule is the X-factor player, where the teams can bring in a player who is named as their 12th or 13th man into the game after the halfway stage. This player can only replace the player that has not batted and bowled more than one over. The third rule is based on the equivalent scores of both the teams at the half-way stage. The team with more score at the halfway stage will bag one extra point and there will be a total of 4 points up for grabs in each game.

Harsha Bhogle’s opinion on the new BBL rules

While this will add a new dimension to the Big Bash League, Harsha Bhogle believes that you only change things when they are not working out properly. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is by far the best T20 league in the world and having just covered a successful IPL 2020 season in UAE, Bhogle believes that the shortest format doesn’t require rule changes.

Harsha Bhogle took to Twitter to express his opinion. This is what he tweeted:

“Bit perplexed by the changes to the @BBL. You add gimmicks if a product is in poor health. And once you start, two years later, you need more gimmicks. It is confusing to audiences. I am just back from a spectacularly successful @IPL and can confirm the format is in robust health.”

Thus Harsha Bhogle believes that new rules will only create more confusion and by the time you know, you will need another set of rules to make the tournament more exciting. Former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist liked Harsha Bhogle’s tweet and believes in whatever he said.

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