Kapil Dev Reveals In A Candid Chat How He Proposed Wife Romi For Marriage

Kapil Dev

Former Indian all-rounder Kapil Dev has inspired the entire generation of cricketers to play for India. Cricket was not like a religion in India in the early days before the 1983 World Cup. But when India beat the mighty West Indies in the 1983 World Cup, cricket suddenly became the most-liked sport in India and the rest is history. The entire cricketing fraternity believes that Kapil Dev’s team India had a huge role to play in India becoming a mighty cricketing force in the years to come.

A lot is known about Kapil Dev’s professional life. But he also got candid about his personal life in an interview with Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia. In her show #NoFilterNeha Season 5, Kapil Dev revealed how romantic he was when he proposed his wife Romi for marriage. Both Kapil Dev and Romi were in a car when they passed by a hoarding of an advertisement featuring the former Indian captain.

Kapil Dev and Romi got married in 1980

The advertisement had Kapil Dev associated with a leading brand that made butter. Kapil Dev asked Romi to click his picture with the hoarding. When Romi asked why he was doing so and why he wanted a pic, he said that it would be a nice picture for them to show their children in future. In this way, he indirectly proposed Romi to marry him. When Romi asked him whether he was proposing her, he replied positively and both never looked back ever since. The couple got married in 1980 and are living a happy life with their family.

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