Three Batsmen With The Most Centuries At A 150 Plus Strike Rate In ODI Cricket

One day cricket has always been a fascinating stoush between the willow and leather that has seen the best duke it out amongst themselves over an enthralling 100 overs of cricket. Despite the fact that a strike rate close to 100 is considered to be fine and invading for the opposition, yet there are a few batsmen who have managed to defy the norms on multiple occasions and have kept on striking at a breezy rate of 150 plus.

It takes a Herculean enterprise to score centuries at a strike rate of 150 plus. Scoring them once seems like a fluke but there are batsmen who have managed to score these in multiple instances. We will be looking at three players to have scored the highest number of centuries with a 150 plus strike rate.


Abraham Benjamin De Villiers – 6

The South African middle-order batsman has ruled the world with unprecedented and unparalleled elegance that has seen him clubbing the bowlers in all corners of the park without breaking a sweat. The wide variety of shots that ABD housed in his arsenal weren’t just classics but innovative strikes that left the bowlers reeling in agony. He managed to smash six centuries with 150 plus strike rates that validate the fact that he is indeed one of the best batsmen, the sport has ever witnessed.


Jos Buttler – 5

The English wicket-keeper is synonymous with extreme aggression in any format of the sport that he has been a part of. The best part about Buttler has always been his proclivity to take on the best of bowlers irrespective of the game’s condition. He gets on top of the balls way too fast and his ability to hammer them with extreme aggression and prejudice makes him an intimidating moniker in international cricket. The English batsman has managed to strike 5 centuries until now that has seen him smashing at a strike rate of 150 plus.

Virat Kohli – 3

The Indian run-machine has always been in top form and it is not just at his home but wherever he has been. His classic stroke-making ability and expressive stroke play have always been a major concern for the bowlers. His heroics Down Under and while chasing is unparalleled and the fluidity in scoring runs that the Indian captain has shown is absolutely delectable. He has clubbed three centuries with 150 plus strike rates that have carved the world apart in utter awe and adulation.


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