‘Tim Paine Out But Ajinkya Rahane Not Out?’ Twitterati Are Trolling Third Umpire After Rahane’s Run-Out

Ajinkya Rahane

A controversy erupted on day 3 of the ongoing 2nd Test match against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground after Ajinkya Rahane was given a ‘run-out’. It was a close call but Rahane’s bat did appear to be on the line when the replays were shown. Netizens were quick to draw a comparison of Rahane’s run-out to that of Tim Paine, who was dismissed in a similar manner but was given the benefit of the doubt.

Tim Paine’s run-out:

It happened during Day 1 of the 2nd Test match when Tim Paine was adjourned as ‘Not-Out’ by third umpire Paul Wilson during the start of the 3rd session. It happened during the 55th over of the game when team India got the perfect opportunity to dismiss Paine. here was a big mix-up between young all-rounder Cameron Green and Tim Paine in the 55th over and Tim Paine was seen struggling to reach the striker’s end.

Ajinkya Rahane’s run-out:

It happened in the 100th over of the Indian innings after Rahane and Jadeja resumed the game. Rahane started well and looked to be in fine touch before a run-out that costed his wicket. Jadeja was batting on 49 runs when he defended a delivery from Nathan Lyon towards the offside. The hurry to reach his fifty perhaps forced Jadeja to just take off for that single, however, Rahane did not send him back. The replays showed that Rahane’s bat was on the line and he was given out for 112 runs.

Explaining the difference between Rahane and Paine’s run out replays, panel umpire Simon Taufel said: “The third umpire has got a shot here of the separation point and the bat on the line.”

As soon as ‘OUT’ in bold letters was flashed on the giant screen, people on Twitter started comparing Rahane’s run-out with that of Tim Paine’s run-out during the Australian innings and asked why Rahane wasn’t given the benefit of doubt like his Australian counterpart.

From calling the umpires ‘biased’ to slamming them, furious fans are leaving no stone unturned to express their disappointment towards the same.

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:


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