Yuvraj Singh Has Distanced Himself From His Father’s Controversial Speech

Former Indian cricketer and World Cup winner Yuvraj Singh have distanced himself from the controversial statements made by his father Yograj Singh.

For the unversed, while speaking at the ongoing farmer protest, former Indian cricketer Yograj Singh made provocative comments. #ArrestYograjSingh has been trending on social media after a video clip of Yograj Singh’s hate speech went viral on social media. In the video, Yograj was seen making some extreme remarks on Hindu women. He had said:

Inki aurate take-take ke bhaw bikti thi” (their women were sold for two cents). When their women and daughters were abducted by people like Ahmed Shah Durrani and sold off, it was we Sikhs who saved them,”

He also talked attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah for being Gujaratis. He said:

“Yeh Woh log hai jinhone hamare saath gaddari ki hai, yeh woh kaun hai jinhone hazaron saal gulami ki 5000, 7000 saal (these are the people who have betrayed us, this community has been slaves for thousands of years). Our leaders have betrayed us. We voted for them and brought them to power, and they instead stabbed the farmers in the back, in the past, I have seen how these political leaders were auctioned for Rs 5, 10, 15, 20 crores in Delhi,”

He added:

“He had spent 15 years with Gujaratis in Mumbai these people would take a u-turn even if they swore on their mothers, sisters, and daughters.”

In another video, Yograg could be heard challenging PM Modi: “If they (Modi) open the borders and the situation comes to a clash, I challenge PM Modi to remove CRPF, BSF, Army, and Police and come alone. Then we will see how things go ahead.”

Yuvraj Singh

Meanwhile, Yuvraj Singh took to his Twitter and has shared a long post, where he made it very clear that the statements made by his father have been made in an individual capacity and that his ideologies are not the same in any manner.

In his long post, Yuvraj Singh also wished for a swift resolution talks between our farmers and the government.

Here, check out the Instagram post:

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