10 Heart-Winning Statements By MS Dhoni That Will Inspire You

MS Dhoni is one of the greatest cricketers to have played the game for India. He took the Indian cricket team to the number 1 positions under his leadership, having won all the ICC awards. From being a ticket collector in a small-town to leading team India to the number one position, Dhoni’s journey is all about following a passion and is very inspiring.

One can learn life lessons just by hearing and watching him. Here, in this article, we will walk down memory lane with some of his words of wisdom which will leave you inspired. Have a look:

1. When MS Dhoni was asked about his new-born daughter Ziva Dhoni, who was born when MS Dhoni was playing in an overseas series, he had said:

“I am on national duty. Everything else can wait.”

MS Dhoni

2. For him, it’s always about serving the country.

“I focus on cricket because it’s something I am good at. After retiring, I want to serve the Indian Army. It has always been about serving the nation.”

3. MS Dhoni on criticism:

I have three dogs at home. Even after losing a series or winning a series, they treat me the same way.”

4. When he was asked halfway into a series if India had already conceded defeat, he had said:

Till the full stop doesn’t come, the sentence is not complete.

5. MS Dhoni always knew that fitness is a key in any game.

“If you are not 100 percent fit and not at your best (and still play) it’s cheating”

6. He always has his priorities right.

“You don’t play for the crowd, you play for the country.” 

7. When MS Dhoni was asked about the pressure which comes with leading team India as a skipper in all three formats of the game, he had said:

“It’s like having 100 kgs put over you. That’s good enough to weigh you down. After that even if you put a mountain, it will not make a difference.” 

8. After suffering two back-to-back whitewashes against Australia and England, when MS Dhoni was asked which defeat was worst, he had said:

“When you die, you die. You don’t think which is the better way to die.”

9. That’s the King-like attitude, fans love the fighting spirit in MS Dhoni.

For me, opposition is just opposition”

10. Dhoni’s philosophy in life has been to stay focused and work harder.

“If you don’t really have a dream, you can’t really push yourself, youd don’t really know what the target is”


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