5 Richest Cricketers In Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians

Organized by the richest cricket board in the world, one of the highest paying sports league in the world, in fact at the pole position in cricket, the Indian Premier League has made a fortune for many players since the time it has started. And, with the 2021 season coming up, the teams have retained many players and will be paying them insane amounts of money in the process. One such team is the Mumbai Indians who have some highest-paid cricket players of the tournament. And, here’s a look at the 5 richest players of the franchise.

5. Jasprit Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah is one such player for whom, any franchise in any league all over the world would pay a fortune get their hands on him, and see him play for their team. He has come to be a part of the core of the team and has been retained for the upcoming season too, for obvious reasons. He at the moment has a contract valued at Rs. 7 crores and has till date earned a total of Rs. 32,90,00,000 while playing in the Indian Premier League.

4. Krunal Pandya

The elder one of the two Pandya brothers, playing cricket for Mumbai Indians, Krunal Pandya is the 4th richest player in the Men in Blue of the Indian Premier League. A spin bowling all-rounder, who has the ability to take wickets and also score quick runs when sent out to bat. At the moment, Krunal who is a part of the retained players’ list thanks to his IPL contracts has got Rs. 39,20,00,000 deposited in his bank account.

3. Hardik Pandya

The third spot of this list is grabbed by the previous entrant’s younger, yet more experienced player, Hardik Pandya. Since the start of his run in the Indian Premier League, he has played for no other team than the Mumbai Indians. And, this has landed him an IPL contract that is currently worth Rs. 11 crores at the moment. He is all set to play for the team in IPL 2021, and during his tenure with the team has earned a grand total of Rs. 44,30,00,000.

2. Kieron Pollard

Mumbai Indians

Arguably one of the most iconic players of the Indian Premier League, the one who has played his mind and soul out for his franchise, the Mumbai Indians, Kieron Pollard is the second richest player of his team at the moment. His exploits during the Indian Premier League so far has earned him a lot of money, which when totalled, amounts to, Rs. 74,53,03,500.

1. Rohit Sharma

Mumbai Indians

The most successful captain of the Mumbai Indians of all time and the Indian Premier League too, Rohit Sharma is a player who will be earning the highest amount of money for the team. With a pay-cheque of Rs. 15 crores coming in for him as his one season’s fees, and this added to his previous earnings, pushes up the total of his earnings to Rs, 1,46,60,00,000, the second-highest in the IPL. He must have his shoulders burdened with a load of performing well, going into the 2021 season of IPL.

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