"No Regrets": Rohit Sharma Opened Up About His Dismissal At The Gabba On Day 2

“No Regrets”: Rohit Sharma Opened Up About His Dismissal At The Gabba On Day 2

Rohit Sharma

Indian opener Rohit Sharma has found himself at the receiving end of criticism after he threw away his wicket after having made a good start, on Day 2 of the ongoing fourth Test match at the Gabba.

Team India started the game on a shaky note as they lost their opener Shubman Gill and the pressure fell on the experienced shoulders of Rohit. In an attempt to take the attack on the bowlers, the Indian opener Rohit threw away his wicket after a dominant start yet again after scoring 44 runs.

Later, during the virtual press conference, Rohit Sharma talked about his performance and stated that he has no regrets about playing the aerial shot off the bowling of Nathan Lyon, which cost him his wicket. He said that he reached where he wanted to but couldn’t connect the way he wished. He said:

I reached where I wanted to reach, just that I did not connect with where I wanted to hit the ball. I was trying to pierce that long-on and deep square-leg fielder, I just did not connect with the way I would have loved to. I actually liked what I did today, before coming here, we knew it would be a good pitch to bat, of course, there would be bounce and carry to the keeper, but this is what I enjoy,”

Further, Rohit Sharma talked about how scoring runs has been difficult for both teams thus one would have to come forward to put pressure on the bowler. He said:

Once I was in and I had played a few overs, I realised there was not much swing so I did little adjustment there, after that, it was an unfortunate dismissal, it is something I won’t regret. I like to put pressure on the bowler once I am in and that is my role in this team to keep putting pressure on the bowlers. The run-scoring has been slightly difficult for both the teams so someone needs to put their hand up and think about how to put pressure on the bowlers,” 

He added:

“In doing that, there is a chance of making mistakes but you should be ready to accept that. It was a plan so I actually have no regrets about playing that shot, it is something I like to, Nathan Lyon is a smart bowler, he bowled into me so I was not able to get the elevation.”


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