“Rahane Is A S****r”: India Fan Revealed Details Of Racial Abuse Faced By Team India

Team India

The third test match between team India and Australia turned out to be the most thrilling and interesting games of the series. However, the exciting game was marred by an upsetting incident of racial abuse. Indian pacers Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Siraj were at the receiving end of racial abuse from a section of drunk supporters on day 3 and day 4 at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Following the incident, police were called and those spectators were asked to leave. Indian players have lodged an official complaint against the abusers and several big names from around the world have come out and have urged for strict actions against them.

Mohammed Siraj

An Indian fan named Krishna Kumar, who was present at the Sydney Cricket Ground when the incident took place has revealed some upsetting and disappointing details about the incident. While there are multiple reports floating around suggesting that a group of drunk spectators racially abused team India, Krishna Kumar has echoed the same facts.

Krishna Kumar revealed how a group of 7-8 people were drunk in the morning and were abusing Indians by saying some disturbing words. He also expressed that this was the first time he witnessed something like this and termed it as ‘appalling’. He revealed:

“At 10:30 am I don’t expect people to be drunk. On Saturday, starting from 10:30, there were chants of ‘s*****s, s*****s, s*****s going around’. Rahane was batting at the time, and there chants such as ‘Rahane is a s****r, all Indians are s******. This is the first time I was really seeing something like this. I have never faced something like this and to me it was appalling,”

Jasprit Bumrah

The fan further revealed that he tried to stop the fans from making those racist chants by making some eye contact, however, all his efforts went in vain as those drunk supporters kept targetting Team India. He revealed:

I turned around and it was a group of 5-6 guys, aged 19-23, young guys who were having a good time and thought that this was really funny. I tried to have some eye contact to let them know that it was not cool, but you know, they just continued. ‘All Indians are s*****s they continued to say,”

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