Tim Paine Revealed The Conversation He Had With R Ashwin After The Sydney Test

Tim Paine

Australian skipper Tim Paine has found himself at the receiving end of criticism and trolling because of his behavior behind the stumps during day 3 of the third test match at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

He was caught constantly sledging R Ashwin during India’s innings, forcing the batsman to pull away on multiple occasions. Tim was even heard callinga ‘dic*he*d’ at one point during these moments. Since then the cricketer has been getting brutally criticized by the cricket fraternity. Several cricketers took to their social media and slammed Tim Paine for his behavior.

After the match, during the press conference, Tim Paine talked about his behavior on the field throughout the Sydney Test while also conceding that his mood contributed to his team’s failure to close out victory over India. He said:

“International cricket at the moment with the hub life and in the bubble you have a fair bit of time to yourself and last night for me was one of those moments to sit back and reflect on the Test match. I think it was important to address some things from yesterday,” Paine said. “I want to apologise for the way I went about things yesterday. I’m someone who prides themselves on the way I lead this team and yesterday was a poor reflection of that.”

He added:

My leadership wasn’t good enough, I let the pressure of the game get to me, it affected my mood and then from there affected my performance. Yesterday when I came off the ground my reflection was purely on my wicketkeeping. Sitting back last night and reflecting on the whole game, I think I said to our players yesterday I’ve had a really poor game as a leader, not so much as a captain but certainly as a leader.”

“I’m a captain who wants to enjoy the game. I’m a captain who wants to play the game with a smile on their face and yesterday I fell short of my expectations and our team standards. So I’m human, I want to apologise for the mistakes that I made yesterday. It’s certainly not a reflection of the way I want to lead this team. We’ve set really high standards over the last 18 months and yesterday was a bit of a blip on the radar and something that I felt I needed to come out and address.”

Tim Paine also talked about his verbal spat with Ashwin and claimed that the spat didn’t impact the relations between the two teams. He also revealed what happened after the duo spoke to each other after play. He revealed:

I spoke to him (Ashwin) really quickly after the game yesterday, as I said to him, look I ended up looking a fool, didn’t I? You open your mouth and then you drop a catch and we had a bit of laugh about that,”


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