Triple H Made A Big Statement As He Compared Himself To Sachin Tendulkar

Triple H

Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest legends to have ever played the game of cricket. Just like how Tendulkar is a legend of cricket, Triple H is a legend of the world of wrestling. Even those people who don’t follow the WWE know who the legend is. For every 90s kid, these two superstars used to rule the hearts of the fans.

While the fans can’t imagine THE GAME doing anything else other than wrestling, recently, he was asked how well would he have done had he chose another sport over wrestling though? Responding to this, Triple H stated that he would have excelled at whatever he put his mind to.

Triple H

Triple H recently featured in an interview with Sony Sports India to promote WWE Superstar Spectacle in the country. During the interview, Triple H was asked if he thought he would have been good at cricket. He also claimed that not only would he have been good at it but he could have maybe become the next Master Blaster! He said:

“I like to think I could’ve been pretty good at anything I set my mind to and I’m sure that if I picked one up I could do some damage with a Cricket bat,” Triple H added: “I mean, not the same kind of damage as a [Sachin] Tendulkar but I surely would’ve tried.”

“Look I don’t know, maybe I would’ve been great at it,” he continued. “Maybe I would’ve been the next Tendulkar! Then again, I don’t know, how would he do with a sledgehammer in a ring? We’d have to see”

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